Boris Konstantinovich Bilinsky

Ruslan and Ludmilla (Costume for Ruslan)

Bendery (near Odessa) 1900 - Catania 1948

Opera by Mikhail Glinka to poem by Aleksandr Pushkin first performed Paris, 24 May 1930.
Show London and Madrid later same year. Director, N. Evreinov (for Opèra Russe de Paris, Thèa tre des Champs-Elysees)

Choreography Bronislava Nijinska and Boris Romanov Mixed media on paper, 67x49 cm.

Signed lower left: B. Bilinsky and inscription lower right “Rousslan”

Literature: To be included in the forthcoming monograph by Réné Clementi Bilinsky, Boris Konstantinovich Bilinsky